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Adapters connect a single system. They can be coupled with others in order to connect two or more systems together.


Interfaces consist of two adapters that have already been tightly coupled for the purpose of integrating two specific systems.


Hubs are used to connect more than two systems together.

Products for System Integration and Data Exchange

Take Advantage of Well-Proven Connections

StepStream specializes in system integration and data transport. In particular, StepStream connects systems used by asset and treasury management. It is here where StepStream possesses many years of experience and is highly valued by our customers from the financial and insurance sectors, as well as from other industries.

StepStream products integrate your systems both efficiently and within a very short period of time. By supplying you with such system connections, StepStream provides you with a reliable, automated and monitored exchange of data that will help you keep your data consistent and up to date. This enables you to save both time and costs and gives you far greater flexibility.

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