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Teamwork That Pays Off for Our Customers

The strength provided by our partners enhances our competence even further. By working together, we are able to integrate a wide variety of different systems and provide business connections using our vast expertise. Our partners are consulting companies, data providers and software producers.


The Swiss company Allocare AG is one of the leading producers of asset management software in the German-speaking countries. Its standard products Allocare AMS and Allocare AMS Web are successfully used by banks, insurance companies, asset managers, and family offices since years. With Allocare AMS custodian banks and asset managers in Germany cover fund law requirements (InvG & DerivateV) and offer added values, e.g. an extensive (online) investor reporting.


BBP operates the world’s largest SWIFT ServiceBureau and is a leading outsourcing partner to corporates. Standard interfaces enable BBP to offer seamless connectivity to SWIFTNet. Our expertise ensures that integration with treasury management and ERP systems is implemented quickly and easily.


COMPIRICUS AG is a software provider and consulting partner specializing in finance, as well as treasury, asset and risk management. COMPIRICUS offers integrated solutions tailored to customer requirements, ranging from concept consulting, software implementation and IT integration right through to software development. The main focus are on the use of different financial instruments, the accounting based on several accounting principles (e.g. IFRS, US GAAP, FER, HGB, French GAAP, Spanish GAAP) and the design of appropriate capital investment reporting and controlling solutions.

ConVista Consulting Consulting & Advisors, SLU

SAP Service and Special Expertise Partner, ConVista is an international consulting company for the organizational and technical integration of standard software. Our services combine expertise in three dimensions: processes, technology and methodology. In addition to customers from the insurance and utilities industries, ConVista also operates in other sectors such as telecommunications, banking, commerce and automotive industries. From a technical perspective our services are based on the SAP ERP solution, the SAP industry solutions and the insurance specific solution ALICE. ConVista is represented world-wide: our head office is in Cologne and we have subsidiaries in Europe, USA, Africa and Asia.


ERPdex is a Professional Services & IT consultancy firm specializing on the treasury and financial modules implementation of the leading ERP packages (SAP R3, Oracle Application).

FACT Informationssysteme und Consulting AG

FACT is the leading solution provider for treasury management, finance, controlling, accounting and data management.

FACT Unternehmensberatung Schweiz AG

FACT is the leading solution provider for treasury management, finance, controlling, accounting and data management.

IT Insourcing

IT Insourcing is a consulting house focusing primarily on databases, data warehousing and business intelligence. StepStream has been used as the basis for a real-time data integration platform entitled QueryGrid, a solution which has been used by numerous reputable companies for many years.

vwd group

The vwd group offers customized information, communication and technology solutions for the securities business. It specializes in individualized customer solutions in the areas of asset management, retail banking, private banking and wealth management, and has evolved into one of the leading European providers in this area. It offers innovative solutions for financial services providers, companies, media operations and private clients.

The vwd group can draw on a multi-faceted range of standardized market data systems, browser-based applications and portfolio management solutions that can be easily integrated into existing customer infrastructures. At the same time, it develops and operates information, technology and transaction solutions meeting individual customer requirements, and offers the matching services such as IT consulting, outsourcing and hosting. The vwd group provides diverse, target-group-specific publishing and communication concepts in daily newspapers and business media that serve issuers, the advertising industry and the dissemination of important financial and price information by financial services providers. These range from the traditional print media through video and teletext to online offers.


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