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About Us

We Transport Data Beyond the Physical Limits

We are a software company who specialize in system integration, interfaces and data exchange, mainly – but not exclusively – in the field of finance.

Our philosophy is to find the right answers to the complex problems facing customers when connecting their systems. This is why we listen to what our customers have to say and endeavor to solve challenges with the utmost simplicity:

  • Our many years of experience help us to provide you with tailor-made solutions
  • We focus on using well-proven products for our solutions
  • Our customers remain flexible even if business needs change in the future
  • Our first class support means that we are always there for our customers

Our products and solutions eliminate all obstacles present between systems and formats. Thanks to our many years of project and practical experience, we are proven specialists in data transport.

Our efficient system integration solutions allow for a smooth, automated and monitored data transport between systems in front and back office or to external data providers. Contact us


StepStream GmbH
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