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Solutions for Financial Risk Management

Arm Yourself – “Swap” Data

The data you need for your risk analysis will be made available by StepStream in a fast and reliable way between your front and back office systems. By focusing on an efficient data exchange, you thereby lay the groundwork for your analyses that will protect you globally.

At StepStream, you will find ready-to-use and quickly-operational solutions that keep your data consistent and up to date across all systems. Data transports will be automated and monitored.

StepStream has already launched countless integration solutions for systems that support asset management. Our product portfolio encompasses the integration of front and back office systems, market and master data providers, as well as data warehouses and legacy systems.

Our satisfied customers include:

  • Industry
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Capital investment companies

So if you need to integrate systems for asset management, why not come and speak to the specialists. Contact us


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