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Adapters connect a single system. They can be coupled with others in order to connect two or more systems together.


Interfaces consist of two adapters that have already been tightly coupled for the purpose of integrating two specific systems.


Hubs are used to connect more than two systems together.

Products for System Integration and Data Exchange

Take Advantage of Well-Proven Connections

As StepStream uses a modular system for connecting systems, you can choose between different product categories.

StepStream integrates the following systems:

StepStream focuses on well-proven solutions and delivers standard software that gives you unbeatable advantages. Your systems will be coupled loosely. There is no need for you to reconfigure the systems being connected, nor do you require any additional software or hardware for connecting the systems necessarily. At all times, you can still react flexibly if the system landscape or the data transport changes.

In short, StepStream products simplify your asset and treasury management by allowing you to take full advantage of your data. We would be delighted to help you with your system integration. Contact us


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