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StepStream Integrates Financial Systems

Fast, Automated and Reliable

In a globalized world, increasing communication requirements together with the need for shorter reaction time lead to an ever-increasing inter-connectedness. This is also true for accounting, positional and trading systems in order to better administrate assets and transactions. This is where StepStream is an important solution provider, offering products that are operational in a short period of time. Our products connect your systems in a reliable form and keep your data consistent.

Overview of StepStream connections:

StepStream’s solutions enable you to transport, enrich and update the data between your systems in a fast, reliable and efficient way. After performing a successful configuration at the start, there is nothing more that needs to be done. Data will be exchanged automatically and will be monitored throughout.

This automatic data transport allows you to reconcile or import data very quickly. You can post transactions in different positional systems, or use your existing master data when executing new transactions. You can reconcile positional data or enrich your system with market data. No matter what your requirements are, StepStream has the perfect solution for you.

Follow the lead taken by other customers from the general, financial and insurance industries and benefit from our vast know-how for connecting your systems.

StepStream products and solutions for system integration at a glance:

  • Adapters for connecting one system
  • Interfaces for connecting two systems exactly
  • Hubs for integrating more than two systems in complex scenarios

Our professional service means that your systems will be integrated optimally. We take care of all the details which are vital for achieving smooth data transport.

Our first-class support is always right behind you if problems occur during operation or if changes in your business requirements arise. And if you so wish, we can even host your solution for you and take care of everything else as well.

Find out today how you can simplify data exchange between your asset and treasury management systems. Contact us


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